Insect nests and infestations can cause major lasting damage to your property. Domestic pesticides are often ineffective.

Whether you’re facing ants, cockroaches, wasps or bees, insect infestations can pose a huge threat to your health and property. This can take the form of massive hygiene risks, structural damage, or active biting and stinging.

DIY insect control can often be an expensive and fruitless endeavour. Household insecticides can be used to deter insects as they move through your property. However, this is often, at best, a short term solution. This is partly due to a growing resistance to pest control treatments.

The only permanent solution to an insect infestation is the immediate full removal of all and any nests or hives. This can be achieved with fumigation and effective disposal methods. We offer one off spray treatments, as well as regular monitoring services. We also offer permanent deterrents and solutions, such as installation of effective electric fly killers.

The Verminator provides safe, effective insect nest removal in the St Albans and Colchester areas.

We offer 24/7 insect control services. These include:



If bees have set up shop in your property, they can be a massive source of stress and anxiety. The fear of allergic reactions to stings and the noise alone can be very frightening, especially to young children.

Bumblebees and masonry bees can be treated if they are causing a problem.

Honey bees are a protected species, and so it isn’t easy to remove them yourself or even get the local council to. They require specialist attention and work. The Verminator can recommend proofing techniques and local beekeepers and can treat Honey Bee nests if no other options are available.




Wasps can be more aggressive than honey bees as they do not die after stinging as bees do. Worst of all, it’s predicted to be a hot summer and a bumper year for wasps.

A wasp nest in the ground or in the roof or walls of your property requires immediate professional attention. It is best to deal with them early as they get more aggressive later in the year.

Using extendable poles to administer a powdered insecticide is our proven method. Should the treatment be ineffective after our first visit, we will arrange a follow-up treatment free of charge until the nest is cleared. The Verminator offers 24/7 emergency wasp removal services in the St Albans and Colchester areas.




It almost goes without saying that the fear of cockroach infestations and the subsequent problems they bring can be distressing and a major cause of concern. Business and industrial kitchens, in particular, can face immediate closure whenever cockroaches are present. By providing effective insect pest control in St Albans, The Verminator can provide on going maintenance and solutions to rid your property of cockroaches permanently.

Cockroaches are highly adaptive to a variety of extreme conditions but they thrive in higher volumes when temperatures are moderate to high. The Verminator provides cockroach treatment to houses, restaurants, gyms and all other types of commercial and domestic properties.

  • Regular Inspections and Ongoing Maintenance
  • Fumigation and Cockroach Removal
  • Perfect for Pubs, Restaurants and Food Establishments
  • All Work Carried Out Cleanly and Safely


Fleas & Bedbugs

Flea Control

Fleas are a well known household pest, particularly where pets are present. People often apply flea treatment to their cats and dogs but do nothing to their environment. Fleas can lay eggs in carpets, soft furnishings and even between floorboards.

The Verminator provides an affordable, effective flea elimination treatment. This usually entails a course of two to three sprays throughout the affected area.

Bedbug Control

Bedbugs infest residences and they readily hide in small crevices. Used furniture, bed frames and mattresses are of greatest risk of harbouring bedbugs. Other objects such as luggage, furniture, clothing and pillows are also great harbourages.

The Verminator’s preferred method for treating bedbugs is a spray of all affected rooms. 2-3 sprays are needed about a week apart to fully break the life cycle of the insect. We can provide treatment for houses, hotels and any other building.

We recommend that all exposed clothes be thoroughly washed and put into sealed bags to prevent re- infestation of bed bugs after the treatment.



Ants are a problem pest when they enter people’s houses or businesses. The Verminator provides thorough ant control using a range of techniques. A positive identification of ant species is critical before treatment begins as different ants need different approaches to control.

Black ants (common or garden ants) can usually be taken care of with a single spray. Pharaoh ants on the other hand need a long course of baiting that can take up to 14 weeks to successfully manage.



Flies carry a variety of harmful diseases and can pose a serious health risk to you and your property.

The Verminator provides effective control for different species of problem flies. We use a range of methods to safely eliminate flies from domestic properties, restaurant kitchens, shops and other buildings.

We professionally install fly screens and electric fly units at an affordable rate. The Verminator only use fly units that have sticky glue boards to catch flies, rather than ones that just electrocute them, to reduce the risk of insect fragments contaminating food preparation areas.


The Verminator offers effective and hygienic insect control from branches in St Albans and Colchester.

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