People tend to associate ‘pests’ with small animals, primarily rodents and insects in large numbers. However, bigger creatures can wreak just as much havoc on your property, if not more. Worse still, they can cause greater damage to structures and landscape than any small pest ever could.

We try to cover all bases when it comes to pest control. That’s why The Verminator offers services dealing in everything from fleas and bedbugs up to foxes and deer. We provide a 24/7 emergency service, specialising in the humane management and removal of:




Feral pigeons are perhaps one of the most common problem pests in the UK. Thanks to an abundance of food sources and waste, urban pigeon populations are skyrocketing. You’ll already be familiar with how much of an eyesore pigeon droppings are, but they can also contain a range of diseases and cause physical damage to properties.

The Verminator offers 24/7 regular or one-off pigeon control and a variety of property proofing services.




Rabbits are the second biggest crop destroyers in the UK, costing the British agricultural industry £100 million in lost income every year. Their warrens and digging wreaks absolute havoc on fields, gardens, allotments and golf courses and can render fields unusable to horse owners due to risk of injury.

The Verminator is your number one choice for rabbit control. We use a range of techniques depending on the extent and location of the problem and have over 40 years’ experience in safe rabbit control and removal.



Moles are a nuisance to gardeners, farm owners and homeowners alike. Their burrowing causes: 

  • unsightly molehills to appear on lawns
  • stones to be brought to the surface that can damage lawnmowers and other machinery
  • risk of ground collapsing into the tunnels
  • uneven surfaces, which produces a possible risk of injury

We use several methods for trapping and removing mole populations. Call The Verminator today for any and all mole removal problems.


Fox & Deer


Foxes pose a real risk to household pets such as rabbits and chickens and they create a mess scrounging in people’s gardens. Urban foxes are increasingly becoming a major risk across the country. As foxes grow less shy around humans, they are now more likely to bite people and cause disruption in residential areas than ever. Foxes carry mange and a variety of other diseases that can harm domestic pets and humans alike. They can also be a major source of noise pollution.

We have a strict health and safety policy concerning this type of vermin due to risk of injury. Contact The Verminator for expert urban and rural fox control in the Colchester and St Albans areas.


Large numbers of deer can cause massive property damage if they decide to take root nearby. Along with foxes, they are involved in more than 50,000 traffic-related accidents each year. The Verminator is fully licensed to control all deer species. We will conduct a site-wide survey of numbers and damage caused, and work to immediately manage deer populations effectively.

The Verminator UK has over 40 years of experience in dealing with pests, no matter how big or small. Get in touch with us today for all your large pest control needs.

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