The most effective and affordable form of pest control is prevention. Ensure your home remains pest-free by stamping out the problem, before it even starts.

As the seasons and weather change, pests begin to look for places of refuge, often indoors. Insects, rodents, and large pests alike often gain entry to your property through exploiting structural vulnerabilities, such as gnawing through airbricks, roof tiles, and plaster.

Once inside, they can become a major cause of property damage, hygiene issues, and noise pollution. At this point, it’s time to call the professionals. However, pest control often requires multiple visits, and can be both expensive and inconvenient.

Securing entry points and vulnerabilities throughout your property, or pest proofing, can significantly reduce the chances of a pest problem developing or reoccurring.

The Verminator carries out comprehensive pest proofing services on properties with or without an ongoing pest control issue call. The Verminator today to book your free consultation to fully secure your property against pests.

There are a number of simple things you can do to help deter pests:

* Seal all cracks and holes on the exterior of the building with cement or a combination of wire wool and expanding foam

* Ensure all waste and recycling bins are sealed and airtight so as not to attract vermin

* Maintain a clean and waste-free kitchen

* Ensure all windows and doors are in good condition and fitted properly

However, comprehensive pest proofing often requires advanced and specialist installations. We provide these at a very affordable rate, including:

* Mouse meshes – these metal meshes are very small and easy to install, but significantly effective against all types of pests. Air bricks and vents are one of the main entry points for rodents, who are able to gnaw easily through plastic grates. Meshes can prevent them ever gaining entry. The Verminator installs mouse meshes in all types of property at a very affordable rate.

* Entry hole proofing – rodents often get in through holes in pipes, brickwork, and plaster. The Verminator uses a range of techniques and rodent-proof sealants to proof entry holes for rodents.

* Loft and roof space reinforcement – vulnerabilities in roof tiles and loft spaces are a popular entry point for squirrels, glis glis, wasps and bees alike. The Verminator provides a comprehensive analysis and proofing service of roof and loft space.

* Fox proofing – foxes are often able to access gardens by climbing fences and garden walls. By installing small plastic spikes, and offering advice in fixing holes in fences, The Verminator can easily help deter foxes from your property.

* Pigeon and birds – birds like to roost on or inside the roofs of buildings. The Verminator is  fully qualified to install pigeon spikes and bird gel to deter nesting and droppings.


As well as offering comprehensive pest proofing services, we can provide advice on any bespoke pest proofing needs.

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