If you have a rodent infestation, it’s time to call the professionals. The Verminator utilises a variety of humane trapping and removal techniques to permanently rid your property of rodents.

It’s shocking to discover just how much a group of wild rodents can destroy residential and commercial property if they decide to move in with you. They can also pose major health risks by carrying unwanted germs, bacteria and disease. We specialise in dealing with all rodents.



Rats and mice need to regularly gnaw to keep their constantly growing incisor teeth worn down. This can seriously damage woodwork, electrical cables, and piping. They therefore present not only a structural threat to your residential or commercial property, but also a very real fire hazard.

Rat and mice removal requires the work of qualified professionals. The Verminator is your number one choice for removing and preventing rat and mice infestations quickly, easily, and permanently.



While rats can get through cracks and holes the size of your thumb, mice can squeeze through holes the size of a pencil so can easily access all parts of your property. The Verminator technicians are trained to spot all entry holes and provide effective rodent proofing solutions.




While posing little threat to human health, squirrels can cause huge amounts of property damage. Grey squirrels will tend to seek warm and dry places to breed. They are therefore particular fans of setting up camp in lofts, attics, or roof spaces. Here they can wreak absolute havoc from above.

Squirrels cannot simply be culled due to how fast they breed. They must be removed in a humane way in order to be effectively deterred. This includes removing them and sealing entry and exit points afterwards.

Glis Glis (Edible Dormouse)

Although barely present across much of the UK, the number of Glis Glis in Tring and Hertfordshire is disproportionately large. Generally recognisable by very busy nocturnal activity, droppings, gnawing, and on occasion, a distinctive ‘woofle’ sound.

There are hefty fines and possible prison sentences if you catch glis glis without the proper equipment or licence. The Verminator is one of the few companies licenced to deal with this protected species. We caught 162 in one house alone near Tring – a possible UK record.


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