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Here at The Verminator, we provide a range of services to control vermin, including moles, foxes, rabbits and deer, on your property. Our removal techniques are humane, while every one of our technicians holds the relevant insurance and qualifications for each project they take on. 

Mole Control

Moles and their burrowing can cause an unwanted mess for homeowners and farmers alike. We use several mole removal methods for trapping and clearing your property of the pest.

Fox Control

A real risk to household pets, such as chickens and cats, while also being carriers of disease and causing a nuisance in many a garden, foxes can be a real problem, particularly in residential areas. At The Verminator, we offer fox removal services for both urban and rural clients to help manage the issue.

Foxes are typically curious creatures and, as such, will sometimes make their home in or around a property, which can be a risk to pets and result in damage to the building. As part of our fox-proofing service, we can seal entry points to prevent access alongside creating deterrents and offering advice regarding what may be attracting to the foxes.

our latest Fox Proofing Job we did in Hertford

The customer had moved into a new house in Hertford which had an office in the back garden .

The surveyor and the old owners failed to let her know there was a family of foxes living under there. As the cubs grew, they were coming up close to her two young children in the garden which was terrifying for the woman. They were also messing everywhere making it impossible for her children to play on the grass.

The client called us in, and I trapped the whole family for over 3 days. I then covered the holes up to make sure we had them all and to check to see if another fox had got under before we proofed it. The proofing proved difficult as we needed to cut the mesh to all different sizes. It took a lot longer than anticipated.

based in Hertford

We had Tim back around for the 2nd time, this time to fox proof our outhouse! Him and his son did an excellent job, very professional and kind. Let’s hope we’re clear of foxes making a home on our land from here on! Would highly recommend!

Rabbit Control

One of the UK’s largest destroyers of crops, wild rabbits can be a real annoyance. If you require professional rabbit control in Hertfordshire, then we can help. At The Verminator, we utilise several rabbit removal techniques to help humanely clear your property of the problem pest. 

Deer Removal

A common cause of traffic accidents, and able to create untold destruction to land when in large numbers, wild deer can be a real nuisance. At The Verminator, we offer a number of deer removal services and are fully licensed to control all species to help manage the population in your area.

Emergency Mole, Fox, Rabbit & Deer Removal

Pests, including moles, foxes, rabbits and deer, can become a real problem if they start to cause damage to your property or livestock. If you require urgent assistance to help remove such vermin, our emergency pest removal service is available. To book an emergency call-out from an experienced pest control technician, give us a call today at 07734 649305 or 0808 1972730.

Specialists in Vermin Control

As specialists in mole, fox, rabbit and deer control, our clients choose our services for many reasons.

A completely discreet and helpful service

Available for emergency call-outs

Qualified to RSPH Level 2 standard (or higher) in Pest Management

Both domestic and commercial clients welcome

All work fully insured

A free, no-obligation quote

A variety of payment options accepted

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